Mindfulness-Based Self-Expression®

Explore and soar in this in-depth 8-week immersion and a 1 full day retreat,  into mindfulness, meditation, creativity & self-expression. Participants will engage in the foundational MBSR practices (the body scan, sitting, walking meditation and mindful movement), and deepen their mindfulness practices through dynamic creative exercises (drawing, journaling, collage, movement and communication).

This program will focus on cultivating mindful creativity toward living creatively, spontaneously, authentically and genuinely. Participants will engage in exciting practices that support tapping our creative essence, listening and sharing deeply, facing fears with compassion and courage, and nurturing the blossoming of the heart. Through MBSE®, together we create a space to broaden our perspectives, discover our authentic voice and become inspired in sharing our gifts with the world. The creative process does not require any art skills, and rather invites us to step into the space of beginner’s mind. This program will plant and nurture seeds for a mindful creativity journey, in which we step more fully into our authentic voice and self-expression.


Mindfulness, Creativity and Stress Reduction

The creative process informs our lives in profound and meaningful ways. Discover your authentic voice, inspiration & vision in these dynamic workshops. MBSE® is a dynamic exploration of mindful creativity that weaves core MBSR practices with artistic exercises, writing, drawing and movement. Awaken, discover and deepen authentic self-expression and creative inspiration.


“It is the stillness of the mind that brings peace within.”

This is an opportunity for you to take time for yourself… a time to nourish and renew your mind, body and spirit.  It is a time to seek stillness and to re-establish balance and harmony in your life.


Who should attend this workshop?

Anyone who is interested in discovering what mindfulness is for themselves or who would like to cultivate their own practice of mindfulness.  If you are a parent, educator, healthcare provider, caregiver of children or you want to become more skillful in authentic self-expression and compassionate, then you will want to attend this Program.


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