Francis the Breathe BearFrancis, The Breathing Bear, created by Mindful Kids Miami, is an adorable companion suitable for all ages. Francis can help children, teens and adults to become aware of their breath, relax and learn to breathe fully into their bellies. Francis can be adapted for the young and the young-at-heart, individually or in classroom/group settings.

In classrooms, teachers generally place Francis in a Peace Corner or Quiet Corner of the classroom as a refuge for suffering children who are upset or about to act out. Francis is a wonderful tool to teach anxious children who do not breathe properly, how to breathe fully.

Francis, The Breathing Bear, is a high-quality, cuddly Vermont bear, who comes with a printed card featuring The Breathing Bear Practice for children.

Francis is available by donation of $50, which provides a bear for the donor and one for an inner-city classroom. For shipping anywhere in the United States, add $10 for shipping and handling.


Francis the Breathing Bear - Back


Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom and Beyond

TeacherManual-smThis training manual developed by Valerie York-Zimmerman, founder of Mindful Kids Miami, is an 87-page, comprehensive  guide created to assist educators and others who are committed to mindfulness in their lives. The manual is a good resource for those who seek to embody mindfulness in the classroom, therapy office, activity center, and elsewhere in their daily interactions with students. Based on the extraordinary work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., who pioneered the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979, MBSR  provides the foundation for all Mindfulness-Based Interventions.

The manual is comprised of five modules: Mindful Movement, Mindful Games & Exercises, Mindful Relaxation, Kindness Practices and Weaving It All Together. Each module begins with an overview and explanation of the topic and then takes teachers through preparing for and conducting an activity or exercise. Age-appropriateness, materials needed, intention of each activity and step-by-step instructions are provided. Notes, tips and discussion points are also included.

The manual was created by Valerie York-Zimmerman, founder of Mindful Kids Miami, thanks to the generous contribution of many mindfulness in education leaders, including Daniel Rechtschaffen, Linda Lantieri, Megan Cowan, Chris McKenna and Vinny Ferraro at Mindful Schools; Susan Woods; Meena Srinivasan, and many other committed and skillful teachers.

The Mindful Teachers’ Training Program Manual is available for $32.00 donation (plus tax and $8 S&H).

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