Testimonials from the Inner Journey – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Pilot Program


“The training was a wonderful experience. I had read about Mindfulness, but going through the actual experience was life enhancing beyond all expectations.”

– Alina Diaz, teacher, SCPO Charter School Operations


“This program has changed my life and the lives of my students. We now begin each class breathing and doing mindfulness movements. I have definitely noticed more calmness within the class.”

– Glenda Algaze, Health Academy Head, Miami Lakes Technical Senior High School


Testimonials“The Mindfulness Program taught me how to breathe easier, walk lighter and think clearer. I will take what I have learned and share it with my loved ones, my students, and anyone who wants to live mindfully.”

– Keisha Williams, teacher, Madie Ives Community Elementary


“This new sense of slowing down, being in the present, taking it all in, and riding the waves of life, have helped me grow, personally and professionally.”

– Liliana Piedra, teacher, Sunset Elementary


“The Mindfulness Program taught me how to be aware and connect to the present moment in my daily activities. It also taught me how to be more compassionate with others and reduced my stress level.”

– Carlos Columbie, teacher, Palm Springs North Elementary


Testimonials“I am privileged to have participated in the MBSR course. Be ready for an inner journey that will be hard work, but with continued practice life changing.”

– Jeanette D’ Amour, teacher, Center for Modern Language Elementary

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