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06 Apr, 2015
Mindful Kids Miami
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From Mindful Kids Miami to Mindful Kids Belfast (Ireland)

Written by Valerie York-Zimmerman

Niamh Houghton, a primary school teacher from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who had already studied mindfulness meditation in Belfast, Edinburgh, Cambridge, and London, enthusiastically participated in the Mindful Teachers’ Training Programrecently while in Miami. She wrote,

“MKM was a truly wonderful, life-changing experience for me.  Not only did it equip me with wonderful skills and ideas for my own understanding and practice….The classes were very practical, supportive and confidence-instilling.

Following the inspiration that I received from MKM, I set up Mindful Kids Belfast (MKB). I now teach mindfulness across four year groups in my school and have recently set up a new Mindfulness and Art Class. The benefits have been reported immediately by both kids and teachers.”

(Click on each image to enlarge. Note: Children on hillside outside Irish classroom where they have just planted sunflowers. Notice sunflowers in the Irish classroom and in the hands of Mindful Kids Miami.)

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1_25_28 PM(1)
Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1_25_32 PM
Niamh 2

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